Wild is a Wind

AW 23-24 Cariaggi Collection

The new Cariaggi Autumn-Winter 23-24 collection has been designed in the full awareness thatinnovation and nature can provide new and fascinating aesthetic forms.

Once again, this new collection is symbolic of the contemporary ideal of simplicity, where brand-newcombinations of cashmere and stylistic variations worked out by Cariaggi produce new expressionsof exclusive weaves.

The Cariaggi Autumn-Winter 23-24 collection highlights the vitality of tactile perceptions, through aperfect mix of animal and vegetable, reinventing fibre combinations and transforming them intointriguing twists.

As a result of the studies and research conducted in the Cariaggi laboratories, the new collectionoffers proposals in which attention to detail enhances the exclusive, tactile quality of the yarn.There are fluffy bouclés and rich, thick wools, wavy surfaces, and also fuzzy tweeds with a wealth ofvariations and repetitions. The textures in relief also create more daring effects, going beyond thelimits of faux fur fabrics to give a look reminiscent of the bizarre irregularity of animal skins.And to finish, there’s an explosion of sparkling sequins and Lurex that mix and blend with cashmere,accentuating the power of light and reflections to the full.

The Colour Chart for the new Cariaggi Autumn-Winter 23-24 collection is inspired by the world ofNature and its many aspects. The Autumn-Winter season is one in which pigments reign supreme – both pure and primeval at thesame time, with primary colours combining in elaborate harmonies, stemming from multipleinspirations and giving the new Cariaggi collection a decisive character.In this authentic energy field, the use of natural colours and their interaction with light and textureevokes a sense of freedom that, driven by great passion, emphasises the fact that we are part of thenature that surrounds us.