Free as a Bird

SS 2023 Cariaggi Colletion

Cariaggi collection for next SS 2023 was designed for a new paradigm between masculine and feminine, in which the concept of gender is rethought without boundaries to achieve maximum creative freedom.

Cariaggi has chosen, for this new season, to focus on a new paradigm made of volumes and textures that embrace softness and lightness, emphasizing the great power and natural lightness of the raw material and exploring solutions that enhance the uniqueness of cashmere, merino wool and cotton.

Original twines, in a mix of animal and vegetable fibers, give new melange aspects and contemporary textures, in perfect harmony with the modern needs of fashion and in full harmony with ethical and sustainable values.

In SS2023 collection, colours convey emotions: from neutrals with almost invisible hues, to crystalline pastels that give a romantic and fresh image to hues in sharp contrast that are brighter and more explosive than the fruits, up to earth tones for a sense of balance and harmony. Metallic accents are inevitable, giving a magnetism to the yarns, making them luminous, seductive, almost magical.

The Cariaggi SS2023 collection therefore expresses the concept of everything that is simple and precious, because simplicity without gender boundaries will seduce with its creative beauty.