For Cariaggi, sustainability is not just a word but a responsibility, a value that forms part of the company philosophy.
Sustainability, therefore, rather than being a business opportunity, is above all a duty of conscience for caring for the environment, respecting human activity and safeguarding future generations.

This is Cariaggi’s sincere approach to an inclusive sustainability, a choice and a commitment that guarantees an added value to their product, giving it recognition as a “Made in Italy” excellence throughout the world.  

Sustainability has been a basic asset for the company’s positioning ever since 2006 when Cariaggi was awarded certification for compliance with a set of international standards relating to the company’s environmental management.  
Since then, Cariaggi has continued to invest in programs and measures to improve environmental impact and reduce energy consumption, such as a reduction in CO2 emissions deriving from the industrial process.

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EYE Ethical Yarn Evolution

Ethical Yarn Evolution is the Cariaggi collection based on the adoption of an inclusive sustainability regarding care for the environment, social interests, human activity and animal welfare.

The collection centres on elegant simplicity, respect for ethics and advanced sustainability, implemented quietly and conscientiously. Starting from this season, Cariaggi has decided to highlight sustainable value, adding a dozen yarns that certify this commitment.

This new development involves not only the fibres but also the colours, which range through techniques using flowers, roots and berries to place more emphasis on organic chemistry and propose dyes that are classic but created in timeless colour-shades, with some neutral, almost colourless tones and shades harking back to nature.


Starting from the study of ancient, well-known techniques of vegetable dyeing, Cariaggi has devised and created Systema Naturae, an entirely natural, ecological yarn.
Systema Naturae cashmere has been developed through a dyeing process that enables a reduction in synthetic chemicals, favouring the use of vegetable elements through the infusion of roots and berries.
The amazing power of nature is thus harnessed by Cariaggi to create a yarn resulting from ancient, herbal recipes, fully respecting the environment.

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