Vicugna Vicugna

Vicuña - called since ancient times “Princess of the Andes” because of its elegance and nobility - has its natural habitat in the Upper Andes between 3500 and 5000 metres above sea level, on the plateau between Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. The vicuña lives exclusively in the wild and an adult produces no more than 250 grams of wool in a year, which explains the extreme value of this fibre. The vicuña yarn, which reaches 12 microns, is one of the world’s thinnest animal fibres; in order to respect the natural beauty and exclusivity of the fibre, it is used mainly in its original shades which range from a golden beige to an intense fawn. Vicuña is included in the species protected by CITES (Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species). Thorough a deepened study of the vicuña, Cariaggi has created, alone or in combination with the best cashmere and silk fibre, precious carded and worsted yarns with a voluminous, light and extremely elegant appearance.